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Yaşar Demir

Yaşar Demir was born on 29.01.1946. He received his primary and secondary education in Torbali. He was graduated from Izmir Namık Kemal High School and got into Istanbul University, Faculty of Law. He completed his university education and then military service and started to perform his profession as advocate in Torbali in 1971. He has still performed his profession successfully for more than 40 years. His grandfather, Hüseyin Demir Torbali is the founder of Ertuğrul Quarter and first mukhtar thereof. Because he is from Torbali, he rendered service in the capacity of the member of Town Council and group president. He is also the founder of the Association of Kemalist Thought in Torbali. He contributed his efforts in many institutions and continues to render service for Torbali and Torbali’s People. He is married and has two kids. His spouse is pharmacist and his daughter is advocate.

Övünç Demir

Övünç Demir was born on 14.08.1984. After receiving his primary school in Torbali he received secondary and high school educations in Izmir. After being graduated from science high school, he got into Istanbul Koc University, department of electrical and electronics engineering. In university years he participated actively in many social clubs like music, folk, swimming, dance, cheeses. He is the founding member of the billiard club. He was in the position of president of Besiktas Fan Club in Koc University for two years and he was the president of University Students’ Besiktas Fan Club in Aegean Area in same years. His project, “Step Counter” that he studied on for 1 year attracted many invitations from project competitions organized in various universities in the world. He had a number of studies also on home automation. After completing his military service he decided to return to Torbali in order to use his experience and information obtained for such years for Torbali District where he was born and grown up by following in the footsteps of his ancestors. Now he performs actively his profession as an engineer in Torbali and founding member of Demir Ev Yapı Ltd. Cor. He is married and has no kid.